The Smear Campaign!

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Don’t let them bring you down, you are too beautiful, courageous, intelligent and strong.

When healthy people feel upset about something, they will get angry.
But toxic people don’t just get angry, they seethe and wage a devious smear campaign.

Smear Campaigners carefully and strategically use lies, exaggerations, suspicions and false accusations to try destroying your credibility.

They hide behind a cloak of upstanding heroism and feigned innocence in an attempt to make as many people as possible think their efforts are based not on theirvindictiveness but on upstanding concern.

As a smeared person, what you are most likely guilty of is saying no to someone who is in some way, failing to respect your boundaries, refusing to follow the same rules as everyone else or someone who is spreading toxicity.
Someone entitled.
Someone sneaky and vindictive.
Someone who purposely hurting you.

While standing up for…

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